Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Head Dawg

Okay, so the Huskies fired their Athletic Director nine months ago. Since then, the Assistant AD Scott Woodward has been the interim AD. Now, after romancing former Oregon AD Bill Moos and other big name AD types, the Huskies have hired.... Scott Woodward.

I have no idea if Woodward is the guy for the UW or not. All I do know is that the UW job can't be a good one right now, with the football program in shambles like it is, and the football facilities in such need of upgrades.

All I know is that Mike Lude wouldn't have put with this shit.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What We Learned - Week Three

These are the things we learned this, the third week of the NCAA season.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are no longer allowed to play for championships. Seriously, we are done with you tOSU. This is three times in a row kids. The same game each damn time. The Buckeyes start quick, make a couple of mistakes and then get run over by a vastly superior school. USC was faster, stronger, smarter and once it was 7-3 Trojans, everybody in the whole damn Coliseum knew it was over. Lastly, the sweatervest needs to get over Terrelle Pryor's freshmanosity. He may screw up, but Pryor is miles better than Todd Boeckman.

If you cock your head and squint, Mark Sanchez and Joe McKnight look a lot like Leinart and Bush. First big game as a starter for Sanchez, and all he does is throw four TD passes. McKnight pickes up 105 yards on only 12 carries. Did anyone else get the idea that USC could have gone for 60 or 70 if Carroll kept his foot on the gas?

Other than USC, the Pac-10 is terrible. The only thing missing from the Pac-10 weekend was a plague of frogs. Washington and UCLA lost by a combined 114-14. Arizona (beat by New Mexico) and Arizona State (UNLV at home) both showed that neither school will be breaking out anytime soon. This is now a combined 214 years and waiting for the Arizona schools "breakout". WSU and Stanford both went to Texas to face lesser team, and both had their head bashed in. But the clear winner in this suckfest is Cal, who - after looking like a Rose Bowl team while pounding WSU the week before, lost to Maryland, a team last seen losing to Middle Tennesee.

That new offense that Auburn installed? Not quite working yet. In a truely abysmal game, Auburn went to Starkville and beat Mississippi State 3-2. Yes, that is the correct score. While the Tigers were a lackluster 3-14 in third down conversions, MSU was shockingly terrible, going 0-16. This suckfest featured 16 penalties and 17 punts. We hope that SEC fans can somehow get that three hours back.

Missouri might have this offense thing down. The Tigers hung 69 on an admittedly overmatched Nevada team, but it is impossible to discount everything Mizzou managed. Chase Daniel threw six incompletions and four touchdowns. Jeremy Maclin managed to catch six balls for 172 yards and three touchdowns. Yikes...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


This is the perfect time to start a blog. Who would possibly expect it? Yes, after the Baylor Bears beat Wazzu senseless on Friday, the team finds itself a pretty good contender as the weakest team from a BCS conference. Seriously, would you favor the Cougs over Duke? After what happened to Cal today, does one even need to consider this? And yes, according to the Completely Obvious Times-Picayune, this is the last way Paul Wulff wanted to start his tenure. But it is happening. And with the suddenly scary Portland State Vikings coming to Pullman, just what in the name of Jebus are we going to do?

I don't know about you, but I'm a blogger, so I plan on lots of dick jokes. That and figuring out exactly how I plan on making fun of Marshall Lobbestael's name. You're welcome to join in.